Friday, May 8, 2015

Becoming Fit for End Users

Dynatrace has the solution that is meant to improve any company’s digital performance.  In order to accomplish this feat, multiple levels of routines are available to any company looking to improve their current application physique.  There are a lot of individuals and teams who are not happy with what they see when looking at the shape of their application.  While others are content, but still have thoughts of, “What can I do to improve my confidence”?  Dynatrace is your one stop shop regardless if you need a complete lifestyle change, or just want to tone discrete areas of your application body.

Gym Membership


Ruxit is the platform for teams whom have decided, “Something needs to change”.  This starting step requires the admission that the current way of monitoring the environment is no longer capable of keeping up.  Simple commitments need to be taken in order to start the path to a healthier environment.  With Ruxit’s repeatable payment options, it is the perfect choice for organizations that would like to become more efficient.  This step normally opens up the door to further development and understanding of the delivery process within an organization.  It can lead to deeper workouts into teams’ applications, but can also be sufficient for certain groups.



Every good routine starts off with a warm up.  Whether it is testing the muscles current ability, or preparing for the workout ahead, anyone who is serious about getting fit needs to prepare prior to the “real load” is added.  Synthetics cover this aspect of digital performance fitness quite well.  Even long after the work out is complete, synthetics allow for the team to understand the health of the system.  Synthetics can pinpoint issues within a system even when there are no real users interacting with it.  Which would you rather have, an alert that says the system went down at 2AM, or a horde of end users calling in complaining they cannot log in at 8AM.  By this point, stretching exercises are a common practice in the field, and some people may say that it is commoditized.  Dynatrace Synthetics are specifically designed to capture end user experience and are fully integrated in with the rest of the workout.



Endurance is key to any body that wants to be fit.  Being able to run long distances requires awareness of the complete body from stride form to proper breathing habits.   DCRUM offers the “far and wide” approach as well.  DCRUM is meant for ensuring that all components are constantly working on the long workouts where the applications are relying on multiple systems to work.  DCRUM will not only worry about core service like application tiers, but items such as network devices and packet communication.  DCRUM provides companies the ability to automatically determine the specific fault domain where the issue is happening.  Maybe the issue resides in a sore load balancer.  Or maybe there is a problem with packet flow after a few hours.  DCRUM can help identify these issues, so steps can be taken to isolate the problem to that tier.  This is to prevent the generic “I have to stop because I can’t go on” excuse.  This prevents the war room approach and focuses efforts on the problematic tier as opposed to unnecessary diagnostic efforts.  DCRUM is language agnostic and focuses easily on covering the whole environment.

Weight Training

Dynatrace Application Monitoring

Focusing on key muscle groups will bring noticeable changes to ones physique.  An individual can customize routines to focus on area’s they consider a part of their core.  For digital assets, this could be a deep look and workout of a specific java tier.  Dynatrace Application Monitoring is meant for finding out the deep why of problems.  If the ankle is sore, is it because of the problem in the code, or the communication it receives from the web server.  Every member of Dynatrace Application Monitoring will have certain weaknesses the team would like to address.  Once those weaknesses become strengths, other parts of the application body can be focused on.  Dynatrace Application Monitoring has the ability to focus on major muscle groups like Java, .NET, PHP, Node.JS, Message Brokers, Web Servers, Native, Mainframe, Databases, and can go all the way to track end users sessions from native mobile apps, mobile web, and desktop interactions.  Multiple muscle groups can be included in a single workout.  And the individual can notice the differences and compare the problematic areas of not only the front end services, but the interaction between the front and back end services in a never before seen depth.

Personal Trainers

Enablement Services

You will eventually plateau.  There is a limit to one individual’s knowledge of fitness and performance.  This is why Dynatrace offers an Enablement Services program.  Our professional team is not designed to do the workout for you.  They are field experts that have multiple clients and can help coach your organization in current best practices and new routines that will take your digital assets to the next level.  Sometimes they may be brash, but they are always there to push you beyond what you may think you are capable of.  They are offered for all of the workout types listed above and come in many different packages to meet your current requirements.  To reiterate; Enablement services are not designed to rack the weights and do the lifting for you.  Enablement services are available to show you proper form and technique, so you yourself can take your application to the next level.

The Obstacle Course


Fundamentally you are not building applications to have the quickest response time or the most efficient application processes.  A digital asset exists to serve end users. This is why production is separated out into a category of its own.  No one in their right mind would say “I am going to run ten miles today” if their longest run up until that point is less than five.  This also means an organization should not say, “I am going to launch an application that one million users will use” without proper preparation.  This is where Dynatrace really separates itself from any other partner today.  We are focused on making you sweat in development, test, and performance environments, but do so in a way that maximizes your time.  Dynatrace wants to see you call a single developer when a load test throws a failure; as opposed to thinking the whole body needs to investigate what the issue is.  Do not misinterpret this article, as Dynatrace is not ready for production.  In fact, Dynatrace is amazing for production awareness.  You will still be monitoring your heart rate in production with DCRUM just as you will still be aware of your individual muscles performance from Dynatrace Application Monitoring and you will still have time at the water stations for a quick stretch to see how the system is from Synthetics.  Dynatrace will still always be there, cheering you on from the sideline as you pass competition and shatter expectations, even the ones you had of yourself.

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